How to Balance Fun and Learning in a Team Building Event

When you are planning a Team Building activity you need to find the right balance between fun and learning. Whether you are bringing your team together for a day-long meeting, or you have the resources to hold a series of fun activities over several months, make sure to plan ahead to ensure that you have the most successful event possible.

Heard, Seen, Respected

Heard, seen, and respected is a bit of a buzz word these days, especially at the corporate level. Using this term as a central theme in your team building strategy is the modern era equivalent of playing poker with the best of them all. The most important thing to remember here is that the best players will have to play a fair share of the time, and you can’t count them all out. Luckily, you can use their brainpower to your advantage by using them as a team building force multiplier. You may even learn that the best players have a hankering to make their mark and take the big jump. In short, using this strategy to your advantage will be a worthy and worthwhile endeavor. Aside from a few snags, you will be rewarded with an impressive and diverse set of colleagues and colleagues to boot. Having said that, you will have to be prepared to put in some effort and time, but the rewards are well worth the sweat.

Helium Stick

Helium Stick is a Team Building exercise that requires everyone in the group to support a stick with their index fingers. It can be played by teams of up to 10 people. Depending on the size of the group, the activity can take from two to 20 minutes.

Before you begin, make sure to remind your team of all the safety reminders. In addition, you should review the challenge rules in The Team Building Activity Book.

This game teaches teamwork, communication, and patience. The goal is to lower the light stick to the ground. You may also use blindfolds.

First, your team will need to form a two-line stance. Next, place the stick on the floor, horizontally.

You then need to keep it there with your index fingers. Eventually, it will start to rise. Your goal is to lower it to six inches.

Some of the challenges involved can be quite complex. If your group is unfamiliar with this exercise, you might want to try a simple version.

Get-to-know-you games

If you’re looking to break the ice at your next team building event, get-to-know-you games can be an excellent way to start. They’re an easy, fun way to connect with your team, and they’re a great way to make sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing personal information with one another.

There are a number of fun and creative icebreaker games to try. You can also incorporate a fun activity like a scavenger hunt to get the team moving and excited. These activities are great for breaking the ice, and they’re also a fantastic way to bring people from different departments together.

One of the simplest ways to break the ice at your next event is by playing a game of show and tell. This can help you to learn more about your colleagues, and it can also open up conversations about their interests.

Another way to break the ice is to play a charades game. Whether you’re attempting to make a fellow participant guess a TV show, a song, or a movie, a charades game can be a simple way to get people talking.

Office Jeopardy

The workplace Jeopardy game is a fun and inexpensive team building activity for your employees. It encourages employees to collaborate with one another and increases productivity. You can play this game in the office or you can host an online version.

To create your own office Jeopardy, start by creating a game board. This can be a poster board or a large easel. Each team will have a puzzle to complete in five minutes. Once this is completed, the teams can compete in Final Jeopardy.

Once your team has put together the puzzles, the facilitator will ask a final question. Teams then answer the question and earn points for their answers. If they don’t get it right, they lose a certain number of points.

Depending on the theme of the Jeopardy, there are different types of questions. For example, an America-themed Jeopardy includes questions about American history, famous figures, and state-specific trivia. Another is Pop Culture Jeopardy.

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